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Notes from the Winemaker:

In the wine industry Sage Hill Vineyard and Winery falls into the very small category we affectionately call "Mini Micro Boutique Wineries".

In 2003, Carol & I planted a vineyard that would provide a selection of grapes to consistently produce enough grapes of both quality and variety to support a winery that could annually produce 1000 gallons of premium quality wines. As newcomers to the fledgling Nebraska grape and wine industry we listened and learned about what grapes would thrive in our climate and reliably produce desirable wines.

We remain confident in our choice of grapes, continue to learn how to better cultivate, care for, and enhance our vines as we continue to apply critical decisions for better wine making. We added wines from several area vineyards to our offerings that we feel are varietals that consistently produce popular wines that compliment our original selections.

We hope you will find a wine that perfectly fits your palate and preference from our many wine styles and selections. Our popularity continues to grow, we're still having fun, and it almost looks like we know what we're doing. Come out and see for yourself!

Vineyard And Winery

In 2002, while shopping in McCook, NE, Hal Walker ran into Hal Tecker, owner of Tecker Ranch. For the previous couple of years Walker had tried unsuccessfully to find a piece of property on which to plant a vineyard. The grape and wine industry in Nebraska was in it's formative stage and it was clear there was opportunity to participate. Hal Tecker was a great local influence serving our community in many ways. He volunteered the location now called Sage Hill Vineyard.

Chambourcin grapesAfter some research and exploration, Walker chose five French Hybrid varietals upon which to build the vineyard foundation. In the spring of 2003, while waiting to close on the property, family and friends planted 960 vines. Today the vineyard has expanded to about 1250 vines and is beginning to be productive.

The white wine grapes featured at Sage Hill include Seyval Blanc, a wonderful pear flavored varietal; LaCrosse, a distinctive Elmer Swenson hybrid with cider like notes; and Traminette, an aromatic treat with it's distinctive dry Gerwuztraminer character.

Sage Hill VineyardChambourcin, the red wine affectionately referred to as Sage Hill's "BigDog" was recommended by Ed Swanson, the pioneer in the Nebraska wine revival story. You can see Sage Hill's Chambourcin grapes in the photo above.

Hal and Carol continue to be surprised by the wonderful red wines they get from Leon Millot.